Toddler PlaySchool

(Drop - off)

Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs


2020-2021 school year Registration will start in Winter

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A young toddler (18-36 months by sept 1st) pre-academic preschool drop-off class.  The Little Red Toddler Play School is an alternative for a parent or caregiver who is home with their child but also wants to give their child a preschool experience on a part-time basis.  Created based on the values of exploration, experimentation and material-based learning guided by the individual developmental needs of young toddlers. Through play, art, literature, science, music, and movement the children will not only be learning pre-academic and social skills, but will also develop a sense of self-expression, self-possession, and joy in learning.  Anna believes that play is the invaluable work of children and holds this at the core of the curriculum.  She also believes that a positive first school experience is vital in setting up a lifelong love of education and learning. 

Toddler Play School runs for the 2019-2020 school year.  A $200 Registration fee is required to secure your spot.  Refundable until May 1st. Small Class size of 5-6 kids, 1 teacher and 1 assistant. $425/month

Taught by Anna Milner-Tritt

Child'Space Infant Development

(grownup & baby Class)

Thursdays, 1p or 2p (see corresponding ages)

Nov 7th - Dec 12th

$125 - 5 week session

Pay with CC

Babies and young children learn through their senses:   touch, hearing, vision, smell,  and movement   Touch is a baby's first language.  Child’Space provides a unique program for babies and their parents.  The program is based on an understanding of how a baby develops and the components necessary for fostering a strong bond between parents and baby.  In Child’Space classes, parents learn how to touch and support their baby’s growth through hands-on techniques, music, song, movement, and listening to and understanding their baby’s individual developmental needs.  Fostering communication between baby and parent is an amazing and fun journey.   We are offering 2 different sessions, each is 45 minutes in duration. 

Pre-Crawlers: 1pm is for 6 week old to 6/7 months old infants (pre-crawling babies). 

Crawlers: 2pm  is for babies 6 months to 15 months (as long as they are not walking). 

Taught by Linda Hanson - Certified Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner

Toddler Yoga

(grownup & toddler)

Saturdays, 10:30a

Sept 21st - Nov 23rd

$250 - 10 week session

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Pay with CC

This class is designed to help toddlers develop fundamental movement skills through yoga, dance, and creative play.  Parents or caregivers are encouraged to participate as we stretch, jump, and breathe our way to a life-long love of movement.  Classes are 45 minutes in length, and designed for toddlers 18 months through 3 years old. 

Saturdays at 10:30 am, 60 minutes in duration.  10 week Fall session: September 21st - November 23rd

Taught by Melissa Castagne

Little Flower Yoga for Kids, Tweens, Teens


Fri,  4p  4-7yrs,  Fri,  5p  11-16yrs 

Kids Yoga - $130 - 5 weeks (Ends Oct 11th)

Tween Yoga - $260 - 10 weeks

Sept 13th - Nov 22nd

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Pay with CC for Kids
Pay with CC for Tween

Lotus Buds: Ages 4-7 yrs, 4-4:45p Children will experience and learn more than 50 unique and engaging yoga postures, rhymes and activities. Children delight in practicing yoga, discovering new movements and singing together while increasing flexibility, body awareness, coordination, and balance. Class is 45 minutes in duration. Fall session is 5 Week session: September 13th - October 11th.

Tween/Teen Yoga & Mindfulness: Ages 11-16, 5-6p Learn effective yogic tools to handle stress, anger, anxiety, depression, and other challenges facing teens. Practice breathing techniques to calm, energize, and balance the nervous system, practice flowing sequences, challenging poses, partner and group poses, restorative yoga, and deep relaxation. Enhances performance in and enjoyment of sports and other extracurricular activities. Class is 1 hour in duration. Fall Session is 10 week session: September 13th - November 22nd (No class November 15th)

Taught by Elizabeth Casario - Little Flower Yoga

Baby + Mama - Postnatal Yoga

(mom & baby yoga)

Fridays, 9:30a

$110 - 4 week session

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Pay with CC

Mommy and baby yoga is a wonderful way to nourish your body while simultaneously building your relationship with your child and getting the opportunity to build community with other new moms. Yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques will help moms engage, connect and strengthen their bodies and spirit. Class is designed so moms can move at their own pace, resting, feeding and/or attending to babies throughout class as necessary.  *This class is geared for moms and babies 6 weeks (with medical clearance) to crawlers.  Fridays, 9:30am. Class is 60 minutes in duration. 4 week session:

Taught by Corey Esannason - Esa Yoga

Baby Sign + Play with Chloe

Fridays, 1p

Oct 25th- Nov 29th

$150 - 6 week session

Pay with CC

Open a window to your child’s heart and mind! Sign & Play is a musical early-communication class that makes signing fun and easy. In this unique class, we will use songs, stories, games and activities to learn to communicate using signs from American Sign Language in a way that is fun and easy. Teaching your baby ASL helps give them additonal ways to communicate with you! Parents are sure to be amazed by the many benefits of signing with babies and toddlers. Chloe is a certified teacher of the award-winning Baby Signing Time! series. Come sign, play, and find out what’s on your baby’s mind. Fridays, 1pm. Class is 45 minutes in duration. 6 week session: October 25th - November 29th

Taught by Chloe - Chloe’s Kids

Spanish with Ms. Ericka

(for Toddlers/ Kids)

Weds, 3:30p 3-5yrs   Weds, 4:30p - 5.5-8.5yrs

Sept 11th - Nov 20th

$300-  10 week session

CLASSES FULL - waitlist only

Pay with CC

Spanish with Ms. Ericka is fun! Studies continue to show that, in order to achieve the fluency level of a native speaker, one must start to learn a new language by the age of 10. Evidence indicates it becomes harder to learn a second/third language as we get older, therefore the early learning years are a critical time for your child. This is the perfect time to make learning and speaking multiple languages fun and easier. Ms. Ericka teaches her classes at The Little Red with full immersion in Spanish, where students will be encouraged to speak and repeat, as they build their conversational skills and everyday life vocabulary. Using child friendly activities like songs, games, arts and crafts, read-alouds, and much more, your child will learn how to speak Spanish with accuracy.

Classes are 45 minutes in length designed for the 3-5 yrs old age group.  Or 60 minutes in length for the 5.5yrs-8.5yrs age group.  10 week session:  September 11th - November 20th ( No class October 9th)

Taught by Ericka Reyes

Cooking with Kate


Mondays, 4p  - 3-6yrs, Mondays, 5:30p -  7-11yrs 

Sept 16th - Nov 25th

$ 240- 8 Week Session

Pay with CC

This class is a hands-on cooking class for toddlers. It is designed to be creative and educational and to give children a tactile experience; kids will explore textures and taste a variety of nutritious ingredients in order to build their curiosity.  Students will learn kitchen safety and strengthen their fine-motor skills through hands-on activities involving age-appropriate utensils.  This class is not a drop-off class, UNLESS your child is 5 or has already taken a class with Kate.  The class is nut-free and vegetarian but does involve dairy, soy and wheat.  *Bring a to-go container to bring leftovers home* 8 week Fall session: September 16th - November 25th (No class September 30th, October 14th, or November 11th)

Taught by Kate Sonders Solomon

Joanna's 'n Banana's Music 'n Play


Tuesdays, 4p  or Thursdays, 4p

Sept 17th/19th - Dec 10th/12th

$310  - 12 week session (or $490 for 2 kids)

Music 'n Play is a foundational music class for babies and toddlers and the grown-ups who love them.  With an emphasis on engagement and community, we provide a fun and playful setting to lay the foundation for a lifetime of musical learning, appreciation and participation.  Offering a rhythmically and melodically rich environment for our little ones to play with and draw information from - we will investigate a variety of percussive instruments, engage in musical story time, hide under parachutes, blow bubbles, dance like no one's watching, jam out to fun originals and favorite classics, and explore the fundamental elements of music.  Appropriate for babies to 4 years old. Come play with us :)  Fall: 12-week session, September 17th/19th - December 10th/12th

Taught by Joanna Levine-Pawlings

The Sleep Circle


First Friday of the month, 12:30-2p

$30 - MUST pre-register and pay 24 hrs in advance

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Pay with CC

Let's talk about sleep...or lack there of! Come join Sleepy on Hudson's "Sleep Circle"  for parents (and soon-to-be parents) with babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. Whether you are actively working on sleep for your baby or are just wondering what methods are right for you, this supportive group will work together with pediatric sleep consultants, Brooke or Sara, to troubleshoot and develop healthy sleep habits for your little one.  This will be a supportive Q&A session for moms in which everyone learns from Brooke and Sara’s advanced sleep knowledge, as well as, from each other.  Circle group is 1.5 hour in duration. 

Taught by either Brooke Nalle or Sara DiBernardo - Sleepy on Hudson Pediatric Sleep Consultants

Many more offerings are coming soon! 


The Little Red is always working to bring so much more to Rivertown toddlers and families. 

Please let us know if you have a special request or would like a private class, we will always try to work it out.